Newton Free Library: GNU Linux Introductory Lectures and Course

This is the web site for the Fall 2015 Newton Free Library and FSF GNU Linux Introductory lectures and course.

The lecture presentation times, place, date etc, along with class materials will be posted on this web site.

Course Preparation

Before course begins, please install a version of GNU/Linux on a laptop which you will need to bring with you to class. See the installation web page

Currently Scheduled Events

If the two lectures scheduled for September 16 and 30, 2015 generate enough interest, a free, multi-session, in-depth class on GNU Linux will commence starting on October 14, 2015. For more information on the future class, see the draft syllabus. You can view the proposed class syllabus by clicking on its link.

Introductory Class Lecture Materials
Introductory Class Lecture Materials Source

Class Lectures and Presentations

The individual class lectures and their source materials can be found on the GNU/Linux Teen Class Lecture Web Page.

Class Homework and Assignments

The class homework and assignments are posted on the Newton Free Library GNU/Linux Homework and Assignment Page

Class Reference Materials

The Class reference materials can be found on our class reference web page.

The course follows the philosophy of the Free Software Foundation.

Free Software, Free Society

The Newton Free Library
Facility space and venue sponored by the Newton Free Library, Newton, MA

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